Sunday, October 12, 2008

sunday random post

i've uploaded a new homebank version to the maemo garage project. I've changed more dialogs to fit better on the small maemo resolution. I received some positive feedback about my work.. thank you very much! it's always very nice when someone take some time to thank someone else.. this is a major strength in open source developers! thank you!

yesterday i went with my girlfriend in a pizzeria near Reggio Emilia (Buco della signora). We think that there you can eat the best pizza around here! we had pizza cicciolina (ciccioli and gorgonzola) and pizza gaudi (lardo and vinegar). delicious (gaudi is better)! i don't have a photo sorry.. maybe next time!

This summer i went to australia to attend world youth day 2008 and this morning there was a mass in casalmaggiore centered around the wyd event. Nice! But i'm quite tired now..

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