Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Porting HomeBank to maemo

i've started porting homebank to maemo.. what i have done:
* compiled for arm/maemo
* hildonized (fullscreen, menu, toolbar) main, account and new transaction window
* converted svg icons to png (maemo doesn't seem to like svg icons)
* created deb infrastructure

it seems to work fine! now i have to port my data from gnucash to homebank.. will do!

what remains to be done:
* create a garage project
* add application to extras
* contact homebank author so we can merge my work

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[QCA]SebaSOFT! said...

Hopefully the author will listen to your suggestions. The 4 beta version of HomeBank has a couple of weird errors. Mostly in not enabling Internal Transfers editing and some really weird stuff for Categories. reply this if you want to contact me.